At Last

At last, now I am one of the alumni of Management & Science University..
I started to study there on May 2010..
It supposed to take only 2 1/2 years..
But due to some problems, I had to extend one semester..

Lots of bitter sweet memories..
I gain new knowledges, new friends, enemies (lol), & many more..
To Sya, Afique, Nazeem, Syafiq, Izzy, tq so much for being my friends, for helping me get trough my rough days at MSU, my studies & others..
Only Allah can pay back all of your good deeds..
I wish all of you good luck in your future undertaking..

Tq to my lecturers for non-stopping pouring all your knowledge & love..
I will not be what I am now without all of your helps..
Im sorry for not being the best student in class..
But that's just me :)

Thinking of what I already achieved throughout my 3 years there was nothing much actually..
Im not a bright student, so yeah..

So, on 25th of January, I finally experienced wearing the robe & mortar board..
Felt so proud on that day..
I don't know why, but for me that day was one of my biggest day instead of my wedding (insyaallah someday)..
I just wore a simple scarf, old maxi dress, & simple make up on that day..
Don't want to over dress cz yeah, Im wearing a huge robe for God sake..
Nobody will see what I'm wearing inside..
So no use of me buying new cloth & so on..
Me just before entering the hall

I just bought new pair of shoes cz they said that we have to wear a court shoes..
Or something that covers the toes..
Well, I dont have court shoes nor any shoes that covers my toes..
So I decided to find a new one..

It's a wedges actually & my younger sister chose it..
Tq adik..
She also bought me this cute teddy in a bouquet of beautiful flowers :)

Tq Mama, Abah, Adik, Kak Nira, Kak Atul & Abg Daniel for coming to my convocation day..
Nenek was supposed to come too but few days before my convo day, something happened to her (will update the story soon)..
Yeah I felt frustrated, but I cant reject the provisions of God..

I was having a fever & flu on that day actually..
I can bare with fever but I really cant tolerate with flu cz it totally ruined my makeup..
I'm not a professional that's why I felt so angry..
Drowsy somemore..

Left : See the tissue? haha
Right : Touching up my make up like a pro :p

I brought back the robe & mortar board to Senawang cz I want to take a complete family photo at studio..
Yeah, since nenek wasnt able to come aite..
Unfortunately, I was attacked by a very high fever on the following day..
I barely can wake up from my bed..
My body was so damn hot & I felt very2 drowsy..
What a waste..
And plus, Nenek still not feeling well..
So I guess some other time myb..
Hopefully the studio have the robe & mortar board..

More pictures here..
Tq for reading :)