The real lover is a man who can thrill you just by kissing your forehead

He used to be a real lover to me
Yeah I loved the way he kiss my forehead
N I really2 miss that moment

Dear girl, U r a strong person
Stop thinking bout all that trash
Someday, there will be the right man 4 U 
Always remember that pretty girl never lonely
Forget all the bullshit and drama and live your life with a sexy smile on your face :)
Smile to those who hurt you and thank to those who break you
You're now two times stronger than them :D

Gelora Hati

Da 4 hari dh...
Aku rindu dye...

End of story...


If You can take away all my love,what do i need you for?
You can take away all these words,there's no meaning anymore.
You can take away everything leave me lying on the floor,all those sorrys,we can't go back to the start.
You can't fix me,i'm torn apart.

I wanna run away from love,this time i have had enough.
Everytime i feel your touch,i'm broken.
Shattered all the pieces of parts.
Never thought i'd fall so hard.
I'm putting back together my heart,it's broken. 

You can take these photographs and watch them fade away.
You can through away all these letters,i don't care about what they say.
All those sorrys,there's a million reasons why you can't mend me,don't even try.

I know it's gonna take some time,to finally realize.
I got nothing left inside,nothing to hide,im broken,broken,broken

2 months

Today is already two months for us...
But then no sms or call from you...
I think, this is the end...

I'm gonna move on with my life...
N for u my dear, always remember that Karma never forget u...

U'll pay what u have done to me n to all the other girls...
Allah maha adil   :)