New Look..!!

Ehemmm heeemmm..
It's  been almost a year since my last entry..
Yeah, I've busy with my life..
Lots of things happened previously (my  blog title)
Imma tell all of u a bout all the things that happened after this..
Ok, not all..
But only the most memorable one ok? :)

So, today I want to tell that I changed the template of my blog...
I swear to God, it's not an easy job to do..
Well, I'm not a designer so definitely I can't design my own skin/template..
All I did was finding it from the intenet..

Being a choosy person is really not easy..
I am a very choosy person..
It's really hard to satisfy my needs..
I really wanted a template with 3 column + vintage style + dark color..
Imma tell all of u, I struggled almost 3 days to find what I wanted..
At last, I surrender to 3 column + simple style + light color..

There are reasons y I wanted that package..
1st, 3 column looks neat & easy for me to arrange all the tabs..
2nd, I really love vintage..
Nothing can beat the aura of vintage..
Not even hipster..haha :p
3rd, I like darker  background  because it wont hurt the eyes of the readers..
Light from the computer can really makes  ur eyes sore..
Seriously I am not satisfied..
But what to do..
Sometimes, doesn't mean something that we don't  like, the others doesn't like it too right?

Well, if anyone of u wanna donate a template for me, be my guest ;)