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Long time no update hah?
Sorry all my readers <--- Bajet cam ramai je followers..haha ;D
I am so busy lately..
Got so many things to do..

So..I just finished my last sem..
Im now waiting for my practicum call..
Hopefully all r ok..
No fail subject..
Crossing the fingers..
In the mean time, while waiting for the call, I went to so many casting, screen test, blablabla..
& this is one of it..

Actually at the time I submitted my profile to Red Comm, I didn't know it is actually for this thing..
The agent did not give full info bout what they wanted to do..
Im just trying my luck..
& guess what?
I was chosen to be in the TOP 30..

Top 30 hah?
Quit impressive..
Out of so many girls out there, I was chosen to be one of them?
Wuhuu :)
I was shocked actually when the agent told me that I was selected to be in the competition for the upcoming Tv show..
I was like..Ohh okay..Pegi je la..Mana tau kan :)

So on last Sunday, I went to the Sunway Pyramid..
& again, I was shocked..
Im the only girl who's wearing Tudung..
Wooowww AGAIN...

I was all alone actually on that day..
I planned to go with my boyfie..
But he just screwed up my morning by telling he's not going because he  felt drowsy for not having enough sleep...
After arguing several minutes, I decided to go by myself..
With all my babies..
Hey, Im a grown up lady..
I can do anything by myself..
But, thanks to Izzat for accompany me on the several last hours...
& we enjoyed a pizza for our lunch together :)
Tq to Choco, Mary Jane, ValenThor, ValenThier, Hera & Hermes for being such a nice kids on that day too ;)

Ok back to the competition..
Actually I did not understand the concept..
What they r trying to do..
The challenge somehow for me not so masuk akal la kan..
Hmm entah?
The truth is, i did not understand the objective of this competition..
For the 1st challenge they asked us to introduce our self in front of the judges & then go to a box & try to search for some tokens inside..
Each of the box has something & I got the one which contain some chicken stuff..
Erkkk =.="

After that challenge, they disqualified some of the girls & Im safe ;D
Next round was only cat walk again & again..
Then disqualified some girls again & Im safe again..
Walaupun cat walk bersepah..Haha ;D

For the final round, they asked us to pick an envelope..
Inside the envelope is a task where we have to think how to face it & give a quick solution..
My task was : I was otw to meet my boyfie's parents for a lunch..On the way to go out from the car, my dress was sangkut & koyak & show lot of my skin (sexy me) haha ;p
They asked me to think the solution of that problem..
My boyfie was Ean from Hitz.Fm..
Just watch this video (sorry for my GEDIX character..I was unable to think anything else..Tu je yg kelua kt otak masa tu..huhu)

I wasn't lucky enough to be on the last 13th finalist..
Huuu so sad..
But its ok then..
I already tried my best..
& this is my 1st experienced..
& I guess Im good enough on that day :)

Please Ignore my right leg..Weird pose..Haha..& look! My babies r coming too ;)

With Ean & JJ ;)

My AWESOME BFF..Tq Izzat for accompany me :)