Selamat Hari Raya ;)

~~ Bila tiba hari raya....Semua insan bergembira..Tetapi bagiku, hanya kesedihan yg menyelubungi hidup ~~

Sedih! Hohoho..
Maunye x sedih?
I was having a very severe diarrhea ok..
Vomiting somemore..

It started on 2nd Raya..
Lemah longlai terus badan dibuatnye..
Da macam morning sickness pon ade..

My anak2 toncet pon terabai seketika..
I was handling a Raya boarding for sugar gliders..
I know that I will not go anywhere during this Raya session that's y i decided to do some business ;)
There were 9 cages including mine..
What a big family i have..

Because of my sickness, I can't serve them well..
Plus, I was injured during the grooming session..
I supposed to clip their nails n bath all the gliders..
But some of the gliders might not used to clipping nails, they bite my fingers dgn sepenuh hati..
Dh berdarah2, ketip kuku je la..
Seminggu mak jemah makan pakai sudu okeh T__T

Ok now I want to talk bout Raya Miracle..
Mak Long & Pak Lang pulang beraya di kampung..!!!
I got my family back ;D
There was an issue that make my family broken up for a while..
Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa..
I am so happy..
Hopefully this situation will stay forever..
Hopefully someday we can gather all the 4 family :)

Nenek said something to me during the Salam2 session..
"Ekau ni copek2 kawin..asik botuka pakwo jo...tah bilo nk kawin eyh tah"

I pon jawab..
"Nek ingat nikah kawin ni macam boli sugar glider? suko jo, bayar? Bokonan jo, boli? Halamak..saba lu nek..x do yg nk kek cucu enek ni pon haaa T__T"

Huuu...Nenek nk I kawin cepat?
Oh my...
Pengsan kejap..
Blaja pon lom habis, keje pon lum, duit pon tade cmne nk kawin?

Owhhh tired already..
Nuff for today..
Sorry for a crap entry ;)

Happy Birthday to me (entry berhabuk)

Happy Birthday to me ..!!
Im 22 y/o now..
Tua dah..
Syukur ke Hadrat Ilahi kerana umur still panjang..
Tq Allah..

Hmm how can i start?
A week before my birthday was a total DISASTER WEEK..
I got so many bad things..
I cannot go for practical, I have to repeat T&T paper (Hey i never failed ok,,this is the 1st time), My ex was a LIAR, MR Sam was not so well (gara2 tangan gatal nk tuka ROM), & many things..
Isn't that related to my blog title? ;)

I only know that I failed the subject 3 weeks after the class started..
Thanks la to HOD..
Just because we had issue last time, U did this to me hah?
Lucky me all the lecturers & officers are willing to help me..
All the register thingy settle on that day itself..
All went smoothly..
Supposedly, I am on my practicum right now..
But my name & some of my friends were hold due to some reason..
Mr Ateef said that this is due to the competency test thingy..
But special case for me..
Instead of knowing that I have problem with the competency test, I failed 1 subject..
& they did not inform me..
Its ok then..
I'm gonna start my practical next year..
Mama said lucky me I'm not doing the practical during fasting session..Huhuhu...
Actually I did said something before this..
I was hope that my name will be on the January practicum intake..
& Allah makbulkan..
Masin jugak eyh mulut ni..Huhu

Moving on to the 2nd disaster thing..
Ok this is the real DISASTER..
I found out that this whole 2 month, I am with a LIAR...
3 days b4 my bday...
I found all the evidences..
Allah really love me..
I always pray to Him to show me the real thing..
& that's it..
I pushed my self to be as calm as I can..
I drove my car to Wangsa Maju to see him..
& settle all the things malam tu jugak..

I believe there will be no woman in this world that can accept this situation if it happen to them..
As a wise woman, I move on easily...
Tq Allah for loving me, for showing me the truth....

Ok about MR Sam..
Mr Sam is actually my Samsung s2...Hehehe....
Tangan gatal nk ikut sgt orang tuka ROM tu la ni la...
Noob, mana reti sgt kan..
Salah buat x boleh on..
Padan muka..

But lucky for me my friend was there helping me..
He taught me how to do this & that..
I was about to send Mr Sam to the HQ...haha..
But on my bday morning, I tried to do what my friend taught me..
Its a Birthday miracle ;D

Then ade lagi minor2 disaster thingy..
Its ok..
Allah would not test His ummat if the person cannot handle the situation..
I can handle all of it..
Even though I had a disaster week, I still survive..
Thanks to the support i got from friends & family..

This entry da tersimpan lama dalam draft rupanye..
Baru je perasan td..
X pela, penat2 taip x kn nk bia je kan?
Enjoy it :)