Selamat Hari Raya ;)

~~ Bila tiba hari raya....Semua insan bergembira..Tetapi bagiku, hanya kesedihan yg menyelubungi hidup ~~

Sedih! Hohoho..
Maunye x sedih?
I was having a very severe diarrhea ok..
Vomiting somemore..

It started on 2nd Raya..
Lemah longlai terus badan dibuatnye..
Da macam morning sickness pon ade..

My anak2 toncet pon terabai seketika..
I was handling a Raya boarding for sugar gliders..
I know that I will not go anywhere during this Raya session that's y i decided to do some business ;)
There were 9 cages including mine..
What a big family i have..

Because of my sickness, I can't serve them well..
Plus, I was injured during the grooming session..
I supposed to clip their nails n bath all the gliders..
But some of the gliders might not used to clipping nails, they bite my fingers dgn sepenuh hati..
Dh berdarah2, ketip kuku je la..
Seminggu mak jemah makan pakai sudu okeh T__T

Ok now I want to talk bout Raya Miracle..
Mak Long & Pak Lang pulang beraya di kampung..!!!
I got my family back ;D
There was an issue that make my family broken up for a while..
Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa..
I am so happy..
Hopefully this situation will stay forever..
Hopefully someday we can gather all the 4 family :)

Nenek said something to me during the Salam2 session..
"Ekau ni copek2 kawin..asik botuka pakwo jo...tah bilo nk kawin eyh tah"

I pon jawab..
"Nek ingat nikah kawin ni macam boli sugar glider? suko jo, bayar? Bokonan jo, boli? Halamak..saba lu nek..x do yg nk kek cucu enek ni pon haaa T__T"

Huuu...Nenek nk I kawin cepat?
Oh my...
Pengsan kejap..
Blaja pon lom habis, keje pon lum, duit pon tade cmne nk kawin?

Owhhh tired already..
Nuff for today..
Sorry for a crap entry ;)

Happy Birthday to me (entry berhabuk)

Happy Birthday to me ..!!
Im 22 y/o now..
Tua dah..
Syukur ke Hadrat Ilahi kerana umur still panjang..
Tq Allah..

Hmm how can i start?
A week before my birthday was a total DISASTER WEEK..
I got so many bad things..
I cannot go for practical, I have to repeat T&T paper (Hey i never failed ok,,this is the 1st time), My ex was a LIAR, MR Sam was not so well (gara2 tangan gatal nk tuka ROM), & many things..
Isn't that related to my blog title? ;)

I only know that I failed the subject 3 weeks after the class started..
Thanks la to HOD..
Just because we had issue last time, U did this to me hah?
Lucky me all the lecturers & officers are willing to help me..
All the register thingy settle on that day itself..
All went smoothly..
Supposedly, I am on my practicum right now..
But my name & some of my friends were hold due to some reason..
Mr Ateef said that this is due to the competency test thingy..
But special case for me..
Instead of knowing that I have problem with the competency test, I failed 1 subject..
& they did not inform me..
Its ok then..
I'm gonna start my practical next year..
Mama said lucky me I'm not doing the practical during fasting session..Huhuhu...
Actually I did said something before this..
I was hope that my name will be on the January practicum intake..
& Allah makbulkan..
Masin jugak eyh mulut ni..Huhu

Moving on to the 2nd disaster thing..
Ok this is the real DISASTER..
I found out that this whole 2 month, I am with a LIAR...
3 days b4 my bday...
I found all the evidences..
Allah really love me..
I always pray to Him to show me the real thing..
& that's it..
I pushed my self to be as calm as I can..
I drove my car to Wangsa Maju to see him..
& settle all the things malam tu jugak..

I believe there will be no woman in this world that can accept this situation if it happen to them..
As a wise woman, I move on easily...
Tq Allah for loving me, for showing me the truth....

Ok about MR Sam..
Mr Sam is actually my Samsung s2...Hehehe....
Tangan gatal nk ikut sgt orang tuka ROM tu la ni la...
Noob, mana reti sgt kan..
Salah buat x boleh on..
Padan muka..

But lucky for me my friend was there helping me..
He taught me how to do this & that..
I was about to send Mr Sam to the HQ...haha..
But on my bday morning, I tried to do what my friend taught me..
Its a Birthday miracle ;D

Then ade lagi minor2 disaster thingy..
Its ok..
Allah would not test His ummat if the person cannot handle the situation..
I can handle all of it..
Even though I had a disaster week, I still survive..
Thanks to the support i got from friends & family..

This entry da tersimpan lama dalam draft rupanye..
Baru je perasan td..
X pela, penat2 taip x kn nk bia je kan?
Enjoy it :)

Magnolia Ms Chill Tv Search

Long time no update hah?
Sorry all my readers <--- Bajet cam ramai je followers..haha ;D
I am so busy lately..
Got so many things to do..

So..I just finished my last sem..
Im now waiting for my practicum call..
Hopefully all r ok..
No fail subject..
Crossing the fingers..
In the mean time, while waiting for the call, I went to so many casting, screen test, blablabla..
& this is one of it..

Actually at the time I submitted my profile to Red Comm, I didn't know it is actually for this thing..
The agent did not give full info bout what they wanted to do..
Im just trying my luck..
& guess what?
I was chosen to be in the TOP 30..

Top 30 hah?
Quit impressive..
Out of so many girls out there, I was chosen to be one of them?
Wuhuu :)
I was shocked actually when the agent told me that I was selected to be in the competition for the upcoming Tv show..
I was like..Ohh okay..Pegi je la..Mana tau kan :)

So on last Sunday, I went to the Sunway Pyramid..
& again, I was shocked..
Im the only girl who's wearing Tudung..
Wooowww AGAIN...

I was all alone actually on that day..
I planned to go with my boyfie..
But he just screwed up my morning by telling he's not going because he  felt drowsy for not having enough sleep...
After arguing several minutes, I decided to go by myself..
With all my babies..
Hey, Im a grown up lady..
I can do anything by myself..
But, thanks to Izzat for accompany me on the several last hours...
& we enjoyed a pizza for our lunch together :)
Tq to Choco, Mary Jane, ValenThor, ValenThier, Hera & Hermes for being such a nice kids on that day too ;)

Ok back to the competition..
Actually I did not understand the concept..
What they r trying to do..
The challenge somehow for me not so masuk akal la kan..
Hmm entah?
The truth is, i did not understand the objective of this competition..
For the 1st challenge they asked us to introduce our self in front of the judges & then go to a box & try to search for some tokens inside..
Each of the box has something & I got the one which contain some chicken stuff..
Erkkk =.="

After that challenge, they disqualified some of the girls & Im safe ;D
Next round was only cat walk again & again..
Then disqualified some girls again & Im safe again..
Walaupun cat walk bersepah..Haha ;D

For the final round, they asked us to pick an envelope..
Inside the envelope is a task where we have to think how to face it & give a quick solution..
My task was : I was otw to meet my boyfie's parents for a lunch..On the way to go out from the car, my dress was sangkut & koyak & show lot of my skin (sexy me) haha ;p
They asked me to think the solution of that problem..
My boyfie was Ean from Hitz.Fm..
Just watch this video (sorry for my GEDIX character..I was unable to think anything else..Tu je yg kelua kt otak masa tu..huhu)

I wasn't lucky enough to be on the last 13th finalist..
Huuu so sad..
But its ok then..
I already tried my best..
& this is my 1st experienced..
& I guess Im good enough on that day :)

Please Ignore my right leg..Weird pose..Haha..& look! My babies r coming too ;)

With Ean & JJ ;)

My AWESOME BFF..Tq Izzat for accompany me :)

Aku Terima Nikahnya...

1 of my friend has already meet her soulmate..
Alhamdulillah, bertemu jodohnya..
She was my closes friend..
A very closed friend..
I call her Kecik..
Y? because there was 2 person including her who name Shida at my work place..
So we decided to seperate it by calling her Kecik, & another 1 as Besar..
We were very closed until many people call us as a twin..
Haha what a memory :)
Whatever i got, she also will getting 1..
Where ever I go, she will always be beside me..

She's the 1 who taught me how to be a playgirl ;p
Haha, tu cite lama :)
She's pretty, I can say..
Because where ever we go, mesti ade lelaki2 yg try ngorat dye :)

We started our friendship on 2008 when I was working at a bookshop near Dataran Senawang..
She was the 1 who interviewing me..
Working with her was fun :)

So now, I want to proceed with the real story that I wanted to share with u guys..

Denga je kompang, tandanya dye & zam were on the way walking into the ballroom..
& my sis asked me why my face look so pale..
I answered "aku nervous"
I dunoe y I'm the 1 who getting nervous..
So I decided to take a closer look on the bride...
She was very beautiful with her pinky dress & a mini cute head band on her head..
The make up was not overdo, all perfect :)

& u know what?
I cried...!!!
Because she was crying too!!!
On the moment she saw me waving to her, I saw her face totally change like she gonna burst into a tears..
My gosh..
Then on the spot my tears falling down onto my cheeks..

I felt ashame that I did not help her anything on her wed preparation..
I was too busy with my own thing..
Never give a call, message or anything..

Actually, I was sulking...
I did not satisfied that she did not hand in her card on my hand by herself..
Tp bg sesiapa yg ade kwn karib yg da berjanji setia ke akhir hayat will definitely understand my feeling..

I did not give her any wedding gift..
But, I do gave her something..
I sang on her wedding day..
That will be the most precious gift that will never be forget if I'm the 1 who be the bride..
My own so called sister, sang during my wedding :)
I did gave a speech..
But only half way..
Because I cried..Again >_<
I dunoe why I kept crying that day..
Maybe because it was unbelievable & terharu that she already became someone's wife..
The 1 who always be beside me before..

We used to have a conversation on what will happen when both of us already married..
We gonna live side by side so that we never be thorn apart by our hubby..
Yela, nk g memana senang sbb laki kenal jiran kan :)

If I want to write a full story of our friendship, i will running out of the page..

For u Kecik,
Congrats on ur new status, I am so happy for u..
Take care of urself, never forget me...
Aku doakan kau ngn zam kekal ke akhir hayat..

Maafkan aku sbb lama ignore kau...
Atas sebab2 tertentu, aku buat mcm tu...
Yg sebenarnya aku selalu lalu depan rumah kau tiap kali aku balik dr mana2..
Aku mmg sengaja lalu sbb nk tgk tmpt yg selalu aku lepak dulu...
Kdg2 aku harap kau ade kt pagar & try stopkan kereta aku..
Tp x pnh skli pon ade peluang tu..
Xpela, segala memori kita, aku bawak sampai mati..
Kau antara kwn yg paling rapat ngn aku..
Tido sekatil, makan semeja..
Kau faham aku macam mana..
Kau byk bagi semangat time aku down...
Tq for our precious time together :)

So, how bout me?
When will I getting married?
Whenever someone propose me la, ape lgi :)
Doakan aku bertemu jodoh yg baik ye Kecik...

Tq for ur time :)

So, this is her beside her man :)


Last week, just after me finished my final paper, me & my friend decided to go to Kl Sentral..
I wanted to buy a ticket to go to Penang that time..
So I drove my car like usual..
Just after we passed by the Shell, my guts telling me to look at the meter...
& guess what??
The temperature meter went up until H..!!!
My gosh...
I pulled over my car & opened the front boot..
Water splashes all over here & there..
Aiyaaa, sudah pecah la itu tube punye penutup -___-"
Forgot what its name..

Allah maha pengasih, He sent a guy to help us..
A brother came near us & asked what happen..
When I showed to him, he just laugh..
Kurang asam itu abang..
He asked us to go to the shell & buy some water to fill back all the water that had lost while he go to the nearest workshop to buy the thing we needed to fix the broken thing...
So, si pemalas ni (me), terpaksa la menapak I dunoe how many km to the shell..
Sya gelak je..
Tu lg sorang kurang asam tu >_<"
She laughed because she knew that I hate to walk..!!!

So after a while, the brother came back & fix the thing..
Tq so much abg :)
He warned me next time check everything regularly..

K la, my dad own a workshop..
But his daughter doesn't know anything bout fixing a car..
What a shame ;p
No la, actually I did know some of the things...
Just the simple things la :)

So girls, careful..
I am lucky enough because it was happen during day time..
If during night time, haiya...
& make sure u have at least spanar, wrench, senang cite basic things to open anything when we need it lah :)

U have to believe it :)

This morning, me & my mom went to a vet to castrate 1 of my cousin's cat..
There's a huge scale inside the operation room.
I asked the vet assistant, bole x nk timbang berat I since the scale mmg besar..
& she said yes I can ;)
So i stepped on the scale..
& guess what?
44.30 kgs..!!!

U guys can say "eleh benda cmni pon nk kecoh"..
Haa cakap la, cakap :)
The truth is, this weight is maintain since I was form 3 which is from 2005..
Do ur math :)
Its been 7 years until now & I manage to maintain my body weight..!!!
Truly speaking, I ate a lot..
Yeah a lot..
Whoever know me so well, will definitely agree with that statement..

Last year, ingat lagi..
Masa tu 6x makan dlm 1 hari..
6x okeyh..
& every food I took sume yg berat2..
On 10am, I ate nasi lemak lauk ayam sambal..
12pm, I ate spaghetti..
6pm, I ate nasi lauk ape tah..
8pm, I ate 4 sandwiches...
10pm I ate nasi lauk tempoyak ikan tenggiri...
12am, I ate if I am not mistaken, oreo + biscuits...

I ate like an elephant aite?
Haha ;p
The doctor said that I have a very high metabolism body system..
That is why I manage to maintain my weight..
I thank Allah so much..
Because I do not have to struggle to maintain it, or struggling to lose my weight or whatsoever..
I just eat whatever I want till drop ;)

I never put myself on diet..
I love to eat..
I have this 1 problem..
Everytime I am near to my menstrual time, I will have an insane craving..
So macam mana nk diet? :)

For all especially girls, U don't need to diet..
Just enjoy ur meal, but care on what u eat..
Take high fiber food, full of nutrition, eat less greasy food, less fat...
Senang cerita, follow the food pyramid & u'll get what u wanted so much..
The lovely curvy murvy ;)

See the picture below?
Baca & sematkanlah dalam hati wahai gadis2 di luar sana :)

Major Heart Attack..!!

Ya Allah..!!!
Thanks for answering my du'a...

Astaghfirrullah'al azim...
I am so worried when I can't access to my Fb this morning...
I dunoe why, but it maybe has something to do with my yahoo account..
I used to use my yahoo email to log in but i changed it to my gmail recently..
Just, i did not made my gmail as the primary email to log in..
I think my yahoo account was hacked by some hackers since i cannot log in to check my email..
Ahh f**k it..!!

Finally i can log in after tried so many f*****g time..
I nearly gave up...
My last try was submitting a report to the fb site..
& shortly after submitting, my fb can be open as usual :)

Seriously for those who haven't experienced this situation, it feels like someone choked ur neck & u nearly lose ur oxygen & u nearly to death..
Tell me that Im exaggerating, but its true..
Shivers all over my body, butterfly full inside my tummy, i can't think straight..
Only 1 thing inside my mind..

Dear Mark, in so many ppl all over the world, u chose my account to be inside the maintenance site list??
It happens so many times ok..
This is the most terrible 1..
17 hours...

Its ok lah, I already got my fb back..
Its not being hack (the most important thing)..


Was having the girls day out with my only lil' sis last week..
We went for a movie & window shopping...
I wished to buy new pair of jeans..
We went inside this 1 boutique (forgot its name) & I try 1 of their jeans....
I chose size 25 since it is my size..
Unfortunately, it doesn't fit to go thru my brisket..
Yeah I have a wide brisket..
Inherited it from my 1st auntie..
Haishhh -___-"

So I decided to try size 26..
Yes..!!! It can get thru..
It doesn't fit well around my waist :(
Longgar sane sini...
Mmg rasa nk mengamuk ade, menangis pon ade..
My sis startes to giggle..
Geshhh >__<"

I'm tired of buying an oversize jeans & have to alter it back to fit around my waist...
Ye, aku bersyukur badan ku lengkap segala2nya tp tu la takde manusia yg sempurna kan :)
Hopefully next time ade la jeans yg betul fit my legs, my brisket, my waist..
not to tight, not to loose :)

My True Valentine

Happy Valentine's day to the new comers in my life, Mr Valenthor(VO) & Valenthier(VI)   ;)
Birth date was on 5th February but I still want to declare this whole month is their birth date...
That is why I named them with Valen :)

Yesterday I went to Doc Yeoh's clinic located at Kelana Jaya..
Just accompany my friend..
Alang2 tu tumpang timbang berat mereka..
So here's the photo :)

VO already opened his eyes yesterday..

Such an adorable creature showing his little eyes :)

Still waiting for VI to show his tiny eyes pulak :)
U guys must be wondering how am I gonna differentiate this 2 boys aite?
K VO has a darker body's color, myb he got his dad gene...
His body stripe also thicker compared to VI..
VI body's color is lighter than his brother & the diamond shape is thinner..
X tau la klu ni ms awal2 je kn, kot da besar same je..
Hopefully not..
Klu x, muntah darah la nk ngecam nye :)

5th February 2012

Today is my Mom's birthday..
& today is also Jane's twins official out of pouch (oop)
What a great day ;)
I took a peek on their cage & I saw Jane was eating without Choco besides her..
Usually they will come down & dine together..
I check for Choco, then I saw him hugged his twins..
So sweet :)

Yeah, gliders usually will take turn to take care of their joey(s)..
Usually when the mother go out to eat or play, the father will stay inside their sleeping pouch to take care of their joey(s) until the mother go back in, to breastfeed the baby(s)...
Joey(s) will be fully oop after they stop the breast feeding process...
Usually it will take about 2 month for them to stop the process..

Owhh I really can't wait to see their gender..
Then I can put the names that I already picked up for them ;)
I'm so excited! ;D

Choco's hugging the joeys :)

wordless wednesday (LOVE IS IN THE AIR ~FEBRUARY~)

Happy becoming February (Month of Love)

Remember last time I made an entry bout my dearest Jane is pregnant??
Ok I think the pregnancy will be end soon coz I can see her babies legs, tails sometimes..
I hope that the babies will pop out on Valentine's day..
Bole la namakan dorg dengan Valentine & Valentino if the twins is pair..

If the babies r both male I will name them with Valentier & Valenthor
If the babies r both girls, I would like to name them with Valentien & Valentiels
Or maybe I will mix it up sbb nama2 ni sume nye I suke :)
Silap2 nnt cabut undi..
Haha ;D

Wahh nama nk mat salleh saje..
Yela anak2 sndri nnt mne bole nk namakan mcm ni kan, dorg je la yg bole ;)
Yg penting the babies will easily get bond with me & Jane can gimme more babies after this ;)

Lets enjoy the sound of Jane's singing to her twins :)

& this is a picture of Jane's babies tail :)

We mean it boys

...So be careful on what u r doing guyS....


Last 17th January 2012, genapla SETAHUN bergelumang dlm dunia SUGAR GLIDER...
Wahhh matang dah usia...
Banyak pengalamn yg diperoloehi, ilmu, rakan, musuh...
Kih kih kih...
I already experienced bela 5 ekor sg which 2 was already gone...
Cerita ade di sini ~
Yg psl prince lupe nk blog rupenye...
Now I owned 2 males, 1 female & 2 joeys which I dunoe when they gonna come out..
Dunoe yet what the gender will be..
Excited nie!! ;D

Selama setahun bela sg ni x de la susah mana..
Myb since I still got enough time for them, doesnt have any commitment to face...
Sbb tu still bole goyang kaki bela dorg..
& alhamdulillah setakat ni dorang x pernah sakit..
Kadang2 risau jugak tgk budak2 ni post kata sg gugur bulu la, kurus la, tu la ni la..
Ishh selisih bias 44....

Now I'm so blessed with Choco, Yurie & Mary Jane..
Thanks to my friends who believe in me on taking care off their sg..
Yeah I got them for free...
Such a big responsibility..

K lemme tell all of u a little about my sg's..
We start with Choco..
I got him from my classmate...
At 1st I just take care of him because my friend said that he was so stubborn, fierce & love to bite her..
So I take over Choco for a while just to tame him..
Actually Choco ni x de langsung 1 pon sifat2 yg my friend sebut tu..
The reason he's acting like that is because he is paranoid..
Why I said like that is because, he doesnt know who's the real owner, always berpindah tangan..
Mse dgn I, I treat him like what I did to Prince, Loki & Jane..
& for me, he is okay..
At 1st he was like soo over dirty!!!
1st time mandi, segala kotoran melekat kt kain towel ok!!
He is a great husband to Jane...
Very loving husband..
Love to see him hug & cuddle Jane :)
But then suke 1 je perangai buruk dye..
Choco suke sgt pijak & kotorkan bdn Jane!
Aiyoooo x suke taw mummy ;(
Tapi Choco da jd hak milik my another friend, Sya..
Terpaksa bg kt dye since I got Yurie now..
Nk cite lebih pon malas la...
Hny certain org je yg tau :)
Skang Choco is with me until Jane's babies oop nanti..
Then after that I will take over Yurie back & Choco akan balik ke Sya...

K next is Yurie..
I got him from my friend cz he can't take care of Yurie anymore since he got new sibling..
His parents was afraid that the baby will get asthma...
SO he gave Yurie to me cz he trusted me...
Alhamdulillah, thanks Nawie Othman for believing in me :)
Wat ms skarang Yurie kt umah Sya sbb I terpaksa swap Choco since Yurie cannot accept Jane's babies..
This swapping things dibuat pon atas nasihat pakar..
So dun argue or talk behind me ok! :)

Ok we move on to my only princess, Jane :)
She's the only female that I have..
Jane da ade ngn I since I still have Loki with me..
Then Loki ran away, I got Choco..
So she stay with Choco for about 1 month & trus pregnant..
Twins :D
She's a nice girl but sometimes so loud!
Suke sgt crabbing..
But the best thing is, she will only crabbing when she heard an unknown voices other than me...
She will immediately stop crabbing when I Shhhh her :)
Dye ni senang sgt nk adapt ngn sg lain..
Dulu ms dgn Loki, Loki ajar Jane tuk bangun setiap jam 12 tengah hari semata2 tuk main kt lua cage, setiap jam 3 pagi tuk makan & 5 pagi tuk kua main kacau mummy nye tengah tido :)
Then when she is with Choco, Choco aja pulak jadi garang..
Amboi ibu bunting ni da pandai gigit2 ye..
Rase nk tangan2 kan je budak ni..
She's special cz she got a grey color on her body & caramel color on her head..
Plus, her eyes are slightly Juling..
Kui kui kui ;p
X sabar nk tunggu babies dye ni :)

K ni je la yg ade..
Bout Prince & Loki, rasenye x nk cite dh pasal dorang..
Cukup la u guys review kt post2 lama :)

Dulu my 1st sg was bought on 17th of Jan then he lost on 17th of Feb...
My 2nd sg was accidentally bought on 17th of May..
X rancang pon mse tu..
& guess what?
He ran away also on 17th but on September la..
Semuanya 17..
Smp 1 tahap tiap kali nk 17 haribulan je 1 bdn jd seriau..
Kali ni just pray for the best je..
Moga Allah permudahkan urusan penjagaan joeys yg bkl keluar ni :)

So, on below is my anak2 pny picture..
Tq for ur time :)


Moga kamu mengerti wahai insan bergelar Lelaki

apa yg kami (perempuan) mahukan hanyalah layanan yg tidak berubah drpd sang kekasih...
tapi ramai lelaki yg tak mengerti akan itu...
bagi mereka, kami terlalu complicated...
tapi hakikatnya, mereka yg tidak cuba mengenali diri kami..

betapa sweetnye perangai si dia ketika dlm proses nk tackle hati kami..
sms non-stop...
sentiasa bergurau-senda...
sentiasa bergelak ketawa...
ada saje yg si dia buat untuk menawan hati kita...
tapi sayangnya..
semua tu berubah sikit demi sedikit sebaik sahaja ikatan terjalin..

tiada lagi sambaran tangan dari si dia..
tiada lagi genggaman tangan dr si dia ketika di dlm kereta..
tiada lagi gurauan senda..
tiada lagi ucapan selamat pagi..
tiada lagi "I Love You Sayang"..
tiada lagi pertanyaan khabar dr si dia...
tiada lagi keriangan...
tiada lagi rutin harian yg dulu..

dulu pada jam sekian2 text msg dye mst akan masuk..
kami dengan setia menunggu waktu tu tiba sbb x nk lambat bls text msg dr si dia..
tapi makin hari yg kami dapat hanyalah skrin yg kosong..
tiada deringan lagu khas untuk si dia pun..

x pe..
kami hanya bersabar..
dengan senyuman berkata "dye busy ni"..
hanya tuk menyenangkan hati yg gundah...

layanan seperti biasa kami beri untuk si dia..
sentiasa senyum, suara sentiasa ceria..
sentiasa cube untuk bergurau senda..
sentiasa cube memberikan layanan yg sebaiknya dan termampu untuk si dia walaupun kami tahu ianya tidak mencukupi...
sentiasa cuba menyorokkan kesedihan di hati atas layanan "baru" si dia...

myb si dia x nampak kasih sayang n pengorbanan yg diberi..
mungkin layanan yg kami berikan tidak mencukupi quota hinggakan si dia bercerita kepada teman bahawa kebahagiaan yg didoakan oleh teman hanya tinggal harapan..
terkedu saat terbaca kata2 si dia...
sudah tawar hatikah si dia dengan kami?
apa kesalahan kami sehinggakan si dia boleh berkata begitu...
tidak bahagia kah si dia?

ya, mungkin kami tidak sebagus yg dulu...
tidak sepandai gadis terdahulu yg cukup pandai mengambil hati si dia..
yg cukup pandai melayan..
yg sempurna segala serbi di mata dia..
sebal sungguh rasa di hati saat mendengar kata pujian si dia terhadap gadis terdahulu..
betapa jatuh cinta nya si dia dgn layanan terbaik diberikan oleh si gadis...
tapi, kami tetap tersenyum dan berkata di dalam hati "x mengapa, mungkin itu hanyalah hint si dia untuk kita jadi yg terbaik"

tapi tak sedarkah dia bahawa kami semua berlainan?
si dia sepatutnya mengerti bahawa si dia tidak boleh mengecap semua keindahan antara si dia dengan gadis terdahulu apabila bersama dengan yg baru..
setiap manusia ada kekurangannya..

ya, si dia layak dilayan bagai raja..
tapi x sedarkah si dia bahawa kami juga layak dilayan bagai permaisuri?
kami x mahukan hadiah yg mahal..
kami x mahukan emas permata..
yg kami mahukan hanyalah kasih sayang, penghargaan, dan layanan yg tidak berubah dari dia..
sebagai mana si dia yg dulu, ketika dlm proses perkenalan...
begitulah selamanya malah lebih lagi klu mampu..
itu sahaja..
tapi ramai lelaki yg terlepas pandang..
mungkin bagi mereka, mereka tahu yg kami betul2 sayangkan mereka, mereka bole berubah mcm dulu lepas berjaya menawan hati kami..

pesanan daripada kaum hawa...

Hargailah kami di saat kami masih berada di sisi kamu wahai kaum adam..

Hargailah segala layanan kami, kasih sayang kami dan pengorbanan kami dengan layanan yg setimpal..
Janganlah kamu berubah hanya disebabkan oleh salah paham yg kecil itu..
Janganlah kamu cepat membuat andaian tentang masa depan hubungan kamu itu sedangkan kamu belum pun mengenali dengan sepenuhnya kaum hawa yg sentiasa berada di sisi kamu, yg x pernah bosan mendengar celoteh & bebelan kamu, yg x pernah putus memberikan kata2 semangat ketika kamu dalam kerisauan dan kesusahan, yg x pernah putus memikirkan cara untuk menawan hati kamu lebih baik drpd gadis terdahulu, yg x pernah putus memberikan senyuman walaupun hati si hawa itu berasa amat perit sekali dengan cara kamu..yg tetap bertahan for the sake of the relationship....

kerana si hawa itu sangat sayang pada kamu wahai si adam....

Selamat Datang 2012 (2011 Recap)

My 2011, was full with colors...
Macam2 cerita ada..
Tp x kn la nk tulis semua kn, x ckup page nnt..

17th of January was the day I adopt my 1st Sugar Glider named Prince..
& I lost him on 17th of February...

Then on 17th of May, I adopt my second SG named Loki..
Truly speaking, I really didn't noticed that I adopt him on the same date I adopt Prince..
& shockingly, Loki "ran away" from home on 17th of September..
17 lagi..

Masa Prince hilang, I was so shock until I was like "meroyan" about 1 month..
Teringat je nangis, terbau je bau dye, nangis, pandang cage dye je nangis, tgk video nangis..
Semuanya la..
Then my spirit came back, tu yg on the spot adopt Loki..
But then dye pulak lari umah..
Masa Loki hilang, I was ok, x sedih sangat because it was my fault x aware dgn keadaan bilik I yg bole buat dye lepas..
Tapi mse Prince, it was my friend punye keje yg buat dye hilang..
Plus he was my 1st sg, tu yg meroyan lebih tu..

So that's my sad story..
For now..

I got 3 BF for 2011..
The 1st one last for 3 month, so do the 2nd one also 3 month..
The 1 that I have right now, dunnoe yet..
I hope our relationship can last long...

My biggest achievement for 2011..
Nothing I guess??
Not yet..
Insyaallah this year?
Doakan I ye :)

Hmm what else eyh?
Oh yess!!
My only daughter, Jane is about to give me new babies ;D
Twin insyaallah...
Hope everything will goes well, amin...

This New Year...
Began with a sad story..
Belum apa2 lagi da sad ye x?

Belum apa2 lagi da bergaduh dengan si dia..
Hal kecik je pon tapi tah..
Biasala ego lelaki..
Plus misunderstanding..
Lain I cakap, lain yg dye paham..
Hmm tah la..
X tau la sape yg patut marah sape sebenarnya tadi..

X pe la..
Bia kn je la dulu..
Klu dye rasa dye perlukan somebody, Klu dye rasa nk cari, cari la..
Klu x, x bole paksa kan?
Hak individu..
Sayang mana pon kita kt dye, tapi klu da hati dye nk buat kite cmni, kite nk halang macam mana je kan...

Malam 2012 diiringi dengan air mata...
Terasa dengan layanan dye yg x angkat call & x bls msg...
Tekanan perasaan yg maha hebat daripada dye..
Time kasih B..
It's ok, U have right as a normal human to do that on me..
& teringatkan Prince & Loki..
Tah ape la khabar dorg kt lua tu..
I hope dorg still hidup smp skang..

Hope tahun 2012 ni mendatangkan lebih banyak keindahan drpd kedukaan..
Hope my new relationship will be more stronger..
Hope I can make my Parents proud with my achievement..
Hope that I can get more babies from Jane..
Hope that I can change myself to a better way..
Hope that segala org yg x berpuas hati dgn I da pon maafkan I ats kesilapan yg lalu..
Hope pintu rezeki terbuka dengan luas..
Hope segala2nya berjalan dengan lancar la..