Major Heart Attack..!!

Ya Allah..!!!
Thanks for answering my du'a...

Astaghfirrullah'al azim...
I am so worried when I can't access to my Fb this morning...
I dunoe why, but it maybe has something to do with my yahoo account..
I used to use my yahoo email to log in but i changed it to my gmail recently..
Just, i did not made my gmail as the primary email to log in..
I think my yahoo account was hacked by some hackers since i cannot log in to check my email..
Ahh f**k it..!!

Finally i can log in after tried so many f*****g time..
I nearly gave up...
My last try was submitting a report to the fb site..
& shortly after submitting, my fb can be open as usual :)

Seriously for those who haven't experienced this situation, it feels like someone choked ur neck & u nearly lose ur oxygen & u nearly to death..
Tell me that Im exaggerating, but its true..
Shivers all over my body, butterfly full inside my tummy, i can't think straight..
Only 1 thing inside my mind..

Dear Mark, in so many ppl all over the world, u chose my account to be inside the maintenance site list??
It happens so many times ok..
This is the most terrible 1..
17 hours...

Its ok lah, I already got my fb back..
Its not being hack (the most important thing)..


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