U have to believe it :)

This morning, me & my mom went to a vet to castrate 1 of my cousin's cat..
There's a huge scale inside the operation room.
I asked the vet assistant, bole x nk timbang berat I since the scale mmg besar..
& she said yes I can ;)
So i stepped on the scale..
& guess what?
44.30 kgs..!!!

U guys can say "eleh benda cmni pon nk kecoh"..
Haa cakap la, cakap :)
The truth is, this weight is maintain since I was form 3 which is from 2005..
Do ur math :)
Its been 7 years until now & I manage to maintain my body weight..!!!
Truly speaking, I ate a lot..
Yeah a lot..
Whoever know me so well, will definitely agree with that statement..

Last year, ingat lagi..
Masa tu 6x makan dlm 1 hari..
6x okeyh..
& every food I took sume yg berat2..
On 10am, I ate nasi lemak lauk ayam sambal..
12pm, I ate spaghetti..
6pm, I ate nasi lauk ape tah..
8pm, I ate 4 sandwiches...
10pm I ate nasi lauk tempoyak ikan tenggiri...
12am, I ate if I am not mistaken, oreo + biscuits...

I ate like an elephant aite?
Haha ;p
The doctor said that I have a very high metabolism body system..
That is why I manage to maintain my weight..
I thank Allah so much..
Because I do not have to struggle to maintain it, or struggling to lose my weight or whatsoever..
I just eat whatever I want till drop ;)

I never put myself on diet..
I love to eat..
I have this 1 problem..
Everytime I am near to my menstrual time, I will have an insane craving..
So macam mana nk diet? :)

For all especially girls, U don't need to diet..
Just enjoy ur meal, but care on what u eat..
Take high fiber food, full of nutrition, eat less greasy food, less fat...
Senang cerita, follow the food pyramid & u'll get what u wanted so much..
The lovely curvy murvy ;)

See the picture below?
Baca & sematkanlah dalam hati wahai gadis2 di luar sana :)


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