Last week, just after me finished my final paper, me & my friend decided to go to Kl Sentral..
I wanted to buy a ticket to go to Penang that time..
So I drove my car like usual..
Just after we passed by the Shell, my guts telling me to look at the meter...
& guess what??
The temperature meter went up until H..!!!
My gosh...
I pulled over my car & opened the front boot..
Water splashes all over here & there..
Aiyaaa, sudah pecah la itu tube punye penutup -___-"
Forgot what its name..

Allah maha pengasih, He sent a guy to help us..
A brother came near us & asked what happen..
When I showed to him, he just laugh..
Kurang asam itu abang..
He asked us to go to the shell & buy some water to fill back all the water that had lost while he go to the nearest workshop to buy the thing we needed to fix the broken thing...
So, si pemalas ni (me), terpaksa la menapak I dunoe how many km to the shell..
Sya gelak je..
Tu lg sorang kurang asam tu >_<"
She laughed because she knew that I hate to walk..!!!

So after a while, the brother came back & fix the thing..
Tq so much abg :)
He warned me next time check everything regularly..

K la, my dad own a workshop..
But his daughter doesn't know anything bout fixing a car..
What a shame ;p
No la, actually I did know some of the things...
Just the simple things la :)

So girls, careful..
I am lucky enough because it was happen during day time..
If during night time, haiya...
& make sure u have at least spanar, wrench, senang cite basic things to open anything when we need it lah :)


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