Aku Terima Nikahnya...

1 of my friend has already meet her soulmate..
Alhamdulillah, bertemu jodohnya..
She was my closes friend..
A very closed friend..
I call her Kecik..
Y? because there was 2 person including her who name Shida at my work place..
So we decided to seperate it by calling her Kecik, & another 1 as Besar..
We were very closed until many people call us as a twin..
Haha what a memory :)
Whatever i got, she also will getting 1..
Where ever I go, she will always be beside me..

She's the 1 who taught me how to be a playgirl ;p
Haha, tu cite lama :)
She's pretty, I can say..
Because where ever we go, mesti ade lelaki2 yg try ngorat dye :)

We started our friendship on 2008 when I was working at a bookshop near Dataran Senawang..
She was the 1 who interviewing me..
Working with her was fun :)

So now, I want to proceed with the real story that I wanted to share with u guys..

Denga je kompang, tandanya dye & zam were on the way walking into the ballroom..
& my sis asked me why my face look so pale..
I answered "aku nervous"
I dunoe y I'm the 1 who getting nervous..
So I decided to take a closer look on the bride...
She was very beautiful with her pinky dress & a mini cute head band on her head..
The make up was not overdo, all perfect :)

& u know what?
I cried...!!!
Because she was crying too!!!
On the moment she saw me waving to her, I saw her face totally change like she gonna burst into a tears..
My gosh..
Then on the spot my tears falling down onto my cheeks..

I felt ashame that I did not help her anything on her wed preparation..
I was too busy with my own thing..
Never give a call, message or anything..

Actually, I was sulking...
I did not satisfied that she did not hand in her card on my hand by herself..
Tp bg sesiapa yg ade kwn karib yg da berjanji setia ke akhir hayat will definitely understand my feeling..

I did not give her any wedding gift..
But, I do gave her something..
I sang on her wedding day..
That will be the most precious gift that will never be forget if I'm the 1 who be the bride..
My own so called sister, sang during my wedding :)
I did gave a speech..
But only half way..
Because I cried..Again >_<
I dunoe why I kept crying that day..
Maybe because it was unbelievable & terharu that she already became someone's wife..
The 1 who always be beside me before..

We used to have a conversation on what will happen when both of us already married..
We gonna live side by side so that we never be thorn apart by our hubby..
Yela, nk g memana senang sbb laki kenal jiran kan :)

If I want to write a full story of our friendship, i will running out of the page..

For u Kecik,
Congrats on ur new status, I am so happy for u..
Take care of urself, never forget me...
Aku doakan kau ngn zam kekal ke akhir hayat..

Maafkan aku sbb lama ignore kau...
Atas sebab2 tertentu, aku buat mcm tu...
Yg sebenarnya aku selalu lalu depan rumah kau tiap kali aku balik dr mana2..
Aku mmg sengaja lalu sbb nk tgk tmpt yg selalu aku lepak dulu...
Kdg2 aku harap kau ade kt pagar & try stopkan kereta aku..
Tp x pnh skli pon ade peluang tu..
Xpela, segala memori kita, aku bawak sampai mati..
Kau antara kwn yg paling rapat ngn aku..
Tido sekatil, makan semeja..
Kau faham aku macam mana..
Kau byk bagi semangat time aku down...
Tq for our precious time together :)

So, how bout me?
When will I getting married?
Whenever someone propose me la, ape lgi :)
Doakan aku bertemu jodoh yg baik ye Kecik...

Tq for ur time :)

So, this is her beside her man :)


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