... 3 YEARS NOW ...

Tik tokk tikk tokkkk...
Today is 17th January 2014..
Means, today is the 3rd year -versary of me in the Suggies' World...
How time flies eh? :)
I still remember how struggled I was, collecting my money time to time, spending bit by bit on purchasing my baby's items..
Cage, Pouch, & many more..
And I still remember how hard that time was on studying how to take care of this lil' fury coz there wasn't many seniors in suggies world back then..

I started with one male sugar glider named Prince that lost on 17th February 2011..
My friend was the reason behind it..
Well, till now I still wondering where Prince is..
I hope if he still alive, & he is out there alone, he can survive just like what he can do in his own nature..
If somebody found him, I hope that person can take care of him well..
If Prince is already dead, my dear boy, mummy am sorry for not being able to be a good mummy..
I know I should have trust my instinct on not bringing you out that night..
To my friend, I forgave you for your mistake on making Prince lost his way home to me..

After 3 months of mourning, I finally got back my strength on adopting the new one..
Loki was his name , adopted on 17th May 2012..
I was lucky after got this lil fella, I got my very 1st boarding customer sending his female sugar glider..
He asked me to take care of his lil' girl while he was away..
That lil girl name is Jane..
But, I truly am lucky that, that guy gave Jane to be mine forever because he realized that he doesn't have enough time to take care of that lil' princess..
I cant recall exact date I adopted Jane..
But as far as I know, it was somewhere around early June..
So these 2 furies stayed together happily until one day, on 17th September 2012, Loki escaped from my bedroom while I was sleeping..
Yes, that time it was my fault of not aware of my bedroom's condition..
One of my window was loose & that was the path Loki took on escaping my bedroom..
I search, I waited, I did not sleep on that particular day..
I did all the thing that I can to make him found his way back home..
But, Allah knows the best..
Loki wasn't meant to be mine any more..
To Loki, mummy really am sorry for being careless..
After so many days you were roaming in the room, I wasn't expect for you finally escaped..

As all of you can see, I started on 17th January (Prince was bought)
Lost Prince on 17th February..
Bought Loki on 17th May..
Lost him on 17th September..
All happened on 17th..
I don't know why..
Is it a cursed or what..

So after Loki was lost, Jane stays with me until one day my friend gave her male named Choco to me somewhere around October 2012..
He was already 1 year old during that time..
Choco was really am fierce..
I still remember how fierce he was till I get stuck, thinking on how to introduce Jane to him..
But Allah's with me..
I just simply trust my instinct and simply put my lil' girl inside Choco's cage..
Yeah, that was insane for harming Jane's life..
But I know what I was doing & yeah, less than one hour, till now, Choco has become the most spoiled, loveable son I ever had :)
As for Jane, Tq deary for making the most fierced glider on earth, becoming the most loveable & a good son to me :)
Choco & Jane are now the proud parent of 7 children & le proud grandparent of 2 grandsons..

Below is a simple family tree of them..

 Only Hera & Persephone are the girls in the family :)

All of the name was taken from Zeus's family name..
All have their own meaning ( I will update it soon )
If you want to view their pictures, feel free to visit my FB here..
Sorry, there are no photos of Argos & Arkas, also all family members new pictures..
I really don't have time to update their album with new pictures..

Ahamdulillah, I gained sustenance since I joined this suggies world..
I have a lil' business on boarding service, & also on selling my own recipe..
I have my own loyal customers that will ask for my service any time they wanted to..
Mostly, during Raya season will be my most busy time ever..
Lots of customers will ask me to take care of their baby(s) while they are away going to "beraya"..
It has been 2 years I can't go anywhere during raya..
So, this year me & my mom decided to stop boarding service for a while coz my family wanted to go to Langkawi on this upcoming Raya..
Sorry my dear customers, I also want to have my own quality raya time :)

As for my recipe, I heard some rumours saying that I copied my own Sifu, Miss Yoong Yuin Hun idea, claimed it as my own recipe & sell it, make money & because of that, Hun's business was affected by me..
What a nonsense..
Lemme get this straight..
Yoong Yuin Hun TAUGHT me on how to make MY OWN RECIPE..
She taught me what to do, how & many more..
And she is aware that I am selling my recipe to some of my customers..
She also aware her business wasn't affected at all by me coz I am just doing a small business..
I don't have agents like her that selling her Gliderslurp all over Malaysia..
My I.F.A Recipe is not as same as her Gliderslurp at all..
Please take note that I wasn't stealing anyone's idea..
I make it by my own, with Hun's help..
Well, for you "mulut puaka", clap clap clap & thank you for giving me free "pahala" by spreading the defamation (fitnah)..
Me loooiiikkkeee ;)

Well, tq for reading..
I know my entry is boring, but what to do, I love to tell stories in detail..
All of you were lucky enough that I still limit my writing on not typing too detail..
If not, I don't know how long this entry will be ;p

...2013 Thank You & Sorry...

Today is 4th January 2014..
Means that it is already 4 days after we hit the new year..
Happy New Year to all :)
Happy New Year to me,
Happy new blog template (again) for my blog..Hahahaha..

As all of you can see,almost half a year since my last post..
I am not lazy, I was just too damn busy..
So today I would like to make a new entry..

2013 past by bitter & sweet..
I would like to thank Allah for giving me a new year to face on..
I thank you dear Allah for still giving me chances on fixing my flaws..
I am sorry for my lack of attention on You..
I am not a good Ummah & I am ashamed..
Please give me more Hidayah, keep my head heart strong on becoming Your good ummah..
I thank Mama, Abah & Adik for still accepting my insanity..
I am sorry for still unable being a good child & sister..
Thank you for still accepting me for who I am..
Thank You Mak Ngah, Kak Nira & Kak Atul for still accepting me in your house..
I am sorry for not being a good Niece & Cousin..
I thank you Mak Ngah for being my second mom & I thank you both of my cousins for being a lunatic & greatest sisters in MY WORLD :D
I would like to thank my Sugar Gliders for still recognising me as their Ammie (mommy) even though I am unable to spend time with them through out that year..
I am sorry sayang for my limited time..
Thank You Nurul Zawani for being the very best practicum partner..
I cannot thank you more for all your help throughout our practicum period..
I am sorry as I know I am not a very good partner..
Thank You Madam Jasmina for being the most awesome practicum mentor..
You was the reason I am managed to complete my practical :)
Thank You Siti Amenah for being such a very good listener & reliever..
I am sorry for all my screams, for all my stress & sad story that I "force" you to listen..
I am glad to have you as my friend..
We are far apart but so much closed in heart..
Thank You for those who helped me during my harsh time, for trusting & lending me your money in order to help me settling my problem..
& I really Thank You for those who already "halalkan" the money..
Only Allah can pay you back..
Thank You MCF for being such a good company & make my heart stay strong to keep working there..
Thank You Kak Lin, Kak Lia & Kak Zura for being such a good sisters & my Guardian Angels..
I cannot thank you all of you more as I know I am not a very good younger sister..
Keep giving hard time & trouble..
I am sorry..

Last but not least,
I thank you these two person who I really don't want to mention le names..
Le couple who always make my heart breaks, & grew up the hatred day by day..
Thank you for teaching me what's life is..
Thank You for teaching me "Don't trust people easily"
Thank You for making me realized sometimes we just really need to giving up iu stead of fighting coz the thing that we are fighting for is totally un-worthy..
Thank You for making me more mature in handling a relationship..

To Her, I hope that someday you can be more mature on realizing what past is past, know how to respect other's relationship no matter how tempted your ex try to get back to you because he is already with someone else..
Don't be a fool, don't use that "pity" as your ground on every answer people ask you why you did that coz you never put your pity on me as you keep making thing more worst..
Yes, I still don't forgive you..
Don't ask me why, but try to ask yourself why am I still not opening my heart on forgiving you..
To Him, I hope that after this you realize that you cannot get what you want easily..
Learn how to appreciate what is in front of you..
Learn that you really cannot mend the heart that you already crushed so badly..
Learn that your greed really can make you lost everything..
You chose me over her, so I am the one you should focus on every second..
Not just when I am in front, while behind me you still with your sweet words catching her attention on accepting you back..
Learn to stick with your decision..
Not just say it then say "things has change"..
Learn that as the man, you are the one who should taking care of the relationship, not keep crushing it & when all are lost, You try to pick up the pieces again..
Sorry, i really don't buy that kind of method..
Now I already freed you from le relationship, you may go back to her..
I now realized after struggling so much on defending our relationship, I found out that it is totally wasting my time, energy, everything..

I am ready to face 2014..
I really don't know how my book is written in the Loh Mahfuz..
Only Allah knows..
& I know that He already planned a great journey for me..
For my self, stay strong dear Intan..
Your name resembled the most valuable gemstone one earth..
A Diamond cannot be crush so easily..
Perhaps, sooner or later i will meet the "finest diamond cutter" on earth that can cut & reshape me, & make me the most valuable "gemstone" he ever had :)