My True Valentine

Happy Valentine's day to the new comers in my life, Mr Valenthor(VO) & Valenthier(VI)   ;)
Birth date was on 5th February but I still want to declare this whole month is their birth date...
That is why I named them with Valen :)

Yesterday I went to Doc Yeoh's clinic located at Kelana Jaya..
Just accompany my friend..
Alang2 tu tumpang timbang berat mereka..
So here's the photo :)

VO already opened his eyes yesterday..

Such an adorable creature showing his little eyes :)

Still waiting for VI to show his tiny eyes pulak :)
U guys must be wondering how am I gonna differentiate this 2 boys aite?
K VO has a darker body's color, myb he got his dad gene...
His body stripe also thicker compared to VI..
VI body's color is lighter than his brother & the diamond shape is thinner..
X tau la klu ni ms awal2 je kn, kot da besar same je..
Hopefully not..
Klu x, muntah darah la nk ngecam nye :)

5th February 2012

Today is my Mom's birthday..
& today is also Jane's twins official out of pouch (oop)
What a great day ;)
I took a peek on their cage & I saw Jane was eating without Choco besides her..
Usually they will come down & dine together..
I check for Choco, then I saw him hugged his twins..
So sweet :)

Yeah, gliders usually will take turn to take care of their joey(s)..
Usually when the mother go out to eat or play, the father will stay inside their sleeping pouch to take care of their joey(s) until the mother go back in, to breastfeed the baby(s)...
Joey(s) will be fully oop after they stop the breast feeding process...
Usually it will take about 2 month for them to stop the process..

Owhh I really can't wait to see their gender..
Then I can put the names that I already picked up for them ;)
I'm so excited! ;D

Choco's hugging the joeys :)

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