My True Valentine

Happy Valentine's day to the new comers in my life, Mr Valenthor(VO) & Valenthier(VI)   ;)
Birth date was on 5th February but I still want to declare this whole month is their birth date...
That is why I named them with Valen :)

Yesterday I went to Doc Yeoh's clinic located at Kelana Jaya..
Just accompany my friend..
Alang2 tu tumpang timbang berat mereka..
So here's the photo :)

VO already opened his eyes yesterday..

Such an adorable creature showing his little eyes :)

Still waiting for VI to show his tiny eyes pulak :)
U guys must be wondering how am I gonna differentiate this 2 boys aite?
K VO has a darker body's color, myb he got his dad gene...
His body stripe also thicker compared to VI..
VI body's color is lighter than his brother & the diamond shape is thinner..
X tau la klu ni ms awal2 je kn, kot da besar same je..
Hopefully not..
Klu x, muntah darah la nk ngecam nye :)


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