Was having the girls day out with my only lil' sis last week..
We went for a movie & window shopping...
I wished to buy new pair of jeans..
We went inside this 1 boutique (forgot its name) & I try 1 of their jeans....
I chose size 25 since it is my size..
Unfortunately, it doesn't fit to go thru my brisket..
Yeah I have a wide brisket..
Inherited it from my 1st auntie..
Haishhh -___-"

So I decided to try size 26..
Yes..!!! It can get thru..
It doesn't fit well around my waist :(
Longgar sane sini...
Mmg rasa nk mengamuk ade, menangis pon ade..
My sis startes to giggle..
Geshhh >__<"

I'm tired of buying an oversize jeans & have to alter it back to fit around my waist...
Ye, aku bersyukur badan ku lengkap segala2nya tp tu la takde manusia yg sempurna kan :)
Hopefully next time ade la jeans yg betul fit my legs, my brisket, my waist..
not to tight, not to loose :)


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