Happy becoming February (Month of Love)

Remember last time I made an entry bout my dearest Jane is pregnant??
Ok I think the pregnancy will be end soon coz I can see her babies legs, tails sometimes..
I hope that the babies will pop out on Valentine's day..
Bole la namakan dorg dengan Valentine & Valentino if the twins is pair..

If the babies r both male I will name them with Valentier & Valenthor
If the babies r both girls, I would like to name them with Valentien & Valentiels
Or maybe I will mix it up sbb nama2 ni sume nye I suke :)
Silap2 nnt cabut undi..
Haha ;D

Wahh nama nk mat salleh saje..
Yela anak2 sndri nnt mne bole nk namakan mcm ni kan, dorg je la yg bole ;)
Yg penting the babies will easily get bond with me & Jane can gimme more babies after this ;)

Lets enjoy the sound of Jane's singing to her twins :)

& this is a picture of Jane's babies tail :)


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