Exam ohh Exam

Alhamdulillah, Mid Sem Exam is already finished.....No more last minute study, no more stress of the exam questions....Huhuhu....
What I want to share today is, Things that I LIKE & HATE about the examination.....
K we start with the things that I Like 1st :)

> Of course lah no need to attend classes...Heheheh
> No need to hear all the lecture from the lecturers
> Can wake up late if the exam is schedule on the evening :)
> No need to be too LAWA or Chantek ( yes I admit, I never doll up myself during examination...Nk wat pe, kite nk ngadap paper exam je, bukan ngadap pakwe )

K now, ( drum rolls )

> Need to revise all the topic learned cz Lecturer x bagi tips mane yg masuk
> Got eye bag some more cz staying up late night studying
> Da study, da yakin ni ingat sumenye....Bukak je paper, gelap mata sbb x ingat ape pon...X pon, ape yg dibaca x masuk 0_o"
> Soalan berbelit....X paham ape yg soalan tu nak...Lastly, x jawab...
> Not enough time to answer all the question ( either the questions r too tough or too excited in answering cz it is too easy until x perasan yg masa da x cukup...Kih kih kih )
> Since I can't stand the cold weather , I really hate exam especially when the exam kene jawab kt Chancellor Hall...Masyaallah, sejuk nk mampos...Pakai baju 2 lapis pon rse nk krem 1 bdn 0_o"



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