I'm Sick!!!

Today is the day where I am totally sick...
Not today actually..
The sickness started from yesterday..
I got some rashes all over my hand, my feet, & some part of my body..
The rashes got "water" in it..
Org melayu panggil tu "Cacar Air"..
The itchiness that I feel cannot be describe by words..
Seriously I feel like I want to drag the itchy part on the road...
Then I got period pain some more & I totally lost my appetite..
Seriously I feel pity on my body itself..
Besar ni dugaan..
Plg besar part senggugut n gatal2 ni la..

I went to see doctor and she injected me..
Ok please take note that I HATE NEEDLES..
Seriously F*****G Hate Needles...
G mampos la doc tu nk irritated ngn my reaction during the injection session kan..
Sbb da mmg takut nk buat cmne...

I refused to take the cream medicine because I have to handle my sugar gliders..
I'm afraid I might be forgotten bout the med on omy skin & start to play with them..
I really don't want to risk their life becaue it is poisonous aite?
Bia la I yg tanggung sakit drpd dorg yg sakit...

Tolong la cpt hilang sakit ni...
X tahan dh tergaru2..
Kulit da menggerutu sgt dh ni n gatal sgt2 yg amat x terkata owhhh!!! ;(


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