This entry might offend certain ppl feeling but I don't care cz they offended mine as well...
I used to have best friends before..
3 BFF...
Don't want to mention their name..
If they read this post, they'll know who they are...

The reason y I want to write this entry is to express how devastated I am with them..
They forgot their vows, they forgot their promise to NOT left me behind, to BE my bff till the end of time, to BE my "twin", to BE with me no matter what happened...
They totally forgot all of that...

I know, my behaviour r not so good..
Usually I'm the one who always being dominant for some reason...
But they have their own dirty laundry too..
Selama ni, dr pemerhatian peribadi..
Mostly they'll really searching for me when they need me for their on good..
Nk g jalan2 ke, nk g sane sini, nk buat tu ini..
Br la betul2 cari..
Bile da sesak baru terhegeh2 nk datang...
Tu yg kau katakan aku ni BFF kau?
bile kau da tersepit br nk datang cari?

Ye, aku mmg bodoh sbb layan org macam kau..
Tp disebabkan aku mmg betul jujur syg kau, aku layankan jugak...
Tp bila kau senang, ade kau ingat kwn kau yg sorg ni?
Kau enjoy dgn org lain..
Time menangis br nk cari aku...

Aku mmg x kisah..
Tp dlm x kisah aku, aku sgt terasa hati..
Segala pertolongan aku korang padam mcm tu je..
Segala sumpah janji korg, korg buang mcm tu je..
Macam ni ke kawan?

Yesterday one of my ex-bff add me on fb..
She said she afraid that I might forgetting her..
I never forget ppl..
Especially the 1 that I love the most..
The 1 that I put my vow on them..
Never ever...
But yes, I do left her behind..
Because she broke her promise 1st..
She said that she never accept ppl than cannot accept me..
But then she forgot myb..
The man beside her doesn't like me..
Where the hell is ur promise girl?
Ok la, I won't bug because u love him right?
He matters a lot to u..
It's ok..
I'll save my tears for that...

Now she's back..
But she didn't  put the title twin or bff anymore on me instead of her new friend kt tempat keje..
Its ok, I won't bug on that too cz u have ur own right to do that..
Sape la aku lg dh skg ni..

The other 1..
She's the coolest friend ever...
Always make me laugh, always remind me to not shop things that is not necessary, selalu buat photo shoot with me cz kami cam-whore :)
But then dirty laundry dye sgt2 nampak bila I said to her that I won't be able to send her back after school..
Immediately menjauhkan diri just like that..
At 1st I think she might be terasa..
But for the second time, same thing happened..
Ok so I can see what she wanted from me actually...
Always search for me when she got some problem, also forgetting me bila dye tgh senang, happy, n bersuka ria..

The last one..
She's the longest bff I ever had..
Since form 1 until form 6 we r together, never arguing, never fight on anything..
But then Allah nk uji kita..
Dgn senangnye kau percaya kata2 nista dr org yg cemburu dgn keakraban kita..
Mmg aku kecewa..
Kau herdik aku dlm kelas..
Aku terpinga2..
X pela, bnd tu pon da settle..
Tp aku nk kau tau yg aku mmg betul2 kecik hati dgn ape yg da jd..

Byk lg yg aku nk coretkan tp cukupla smp sini..
Bg yg terasa dirinya disebutkan, maafkan lah aku....
Aku just luahkan ape yg aku rasa selama ni..
Mmg aku kecewa sgt dgn tindakan korg selama ni...
X pela..
Aku tetap ingat korg..
Tp aku x kn cari korg sbb aku tau kt mane kedudukan aku pada mata n hati kau kau dan jugak kau...

Time kasih cz pernah menggembirakan hidup aku...

**Frankly "writing", I cried while typing this entry....


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