Alhamdulillah, Thank God

I fount out something yesterday..
My beloved sugar glider, Jane is pregnant!!!
She's carrying TWINS ;D
Omg, I can't say how much thankful I am feel right now...
Ya Allah, time kasih atas rezeki ni :)

At 1st I was hope that she will having a baby with my Loki, the 1 that disappeared last September...
But, got no luck...
She's pregnant Choco's babies, the 1 that my friend sent to me last month...
I noticed this thing yesterday..
Accidentally touched her tummy & I felt 2 bump inside it...
Nasib ms tu kt public, klu x mmg da melompat2 menjerit2 dh excited pny pasal ;D

Right now I have to take care of her diet, her feeling & her environment..
Jane, mummy promise, I will buy u new cage ASAP k baby :)
Can't wait for the OOP (out of pouch) day to arrive..
Arghhhhh...!!!!!! ;D

Pinn pinnnn...!!!!! ;p


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